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New Zealand Information

Hobbits and more....


New Zealand Directories and Search Engines  

NZ PAGES New Zealand web site directory

MKIWI New Zealand directory and listings

NEW ZEALAND SITES.COM - The definitive map of New Zealand Web space.

Hotels and Motels

AUCKLAND MOTELS Motel booking site for Auckland only

NEW ZEALAND MOTELS New Zealand Motel booking site

NEW ZEALAND HOTELS New Zealand Hotel booking site


BACKPACKING NEW ZEALAND Major Backpacker Search Engine

BACKPACK NEW ZEALAND A great site for backpackers - loads of advice and info

NZ Tourism and Travel Information

Members of Tourism New Zealand's official Visitor Information Network - i-SITE
Impartial advice & bookings

WWW.TONGARIRO-CROSSING.CO.NZ - a site dedicated solely to the crossing

Job Boards and Information

www.jobblog.co.nz - a "Job Blog" site focussed on New Zealand Jobs

A recruitment agency Job Board - www.careerzone.co.nz

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