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Marine Jobs

Marine Jobs in New Zealand


We provide recruitment services to marine sector companies, mainly operating in New Zealand, although we have enjoyed success with some overseas employers as well because of the high regard that New Zealand skills - whether in the boat yard or on the deck of a high performance race boat - are held in. CLICK HERE for our website.

We have made placements in a wide range of professions: to name but a few, we have secured Naval Architects, Draughtspeople, Shipwrights, Boat Builders (wooden, aluminium and steel), Fairers and Painters, Marine Engineers (to Chief Engineer level), Marine Technicians and Workshop staff, Electricians and Electronics wizards, Composites Specialists, Riggers, Sales and Service Management personnel.... the list goes on. 

The majority of positions are permanent land-based roles, although through our network of industry contacts we are developing new avenues for those seeking to get or remain on the water. CLICK HERE for our jobs page.


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