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Earthquake Volunteer Jobs

Jobs to help with Christchurch Earthquake and recovery


Inspired initially by the work of the students in Christchurch, and several enquiries direct to this site, we originally set up this page to assist those who wanted to help by providing links to organisations in Christchurch and Canterbury. Although many of the organisations previously listed have wound down their work, there is still plenty of work to do, and plenty you can help with. Please e-mail us if you know of an organisation that is currently helping or needs resource and we will add their details to this page as soon as we can.

If you are a professional in an area such as engineering and infrastructure then please view the relevant sections on this site which will direct you to specialist recruitment companies who are helping find people for Christchurch and many other areas of New Zealand.

Donate money

A great way to help if you do not live locally is to provide financial support to the many organisations still working in the recovery including the Red Cross, Salvation Army, SPCA etc. Many of these are not for profit organisations and your financial support really is the best way to help. You can donate to the Mayoral Fund at your nearest BNZ branch.

www.job.co.nz supports the Red Cross and you can donate to their Earthquake appeal here.



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