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Permanent and Seasonal Work


Primary Industry remains one of New Zealand's most important Economic sectors.

Here are some important sites for jobs in this area, including those for seasonal work - great for backpackers and other travellers who are coming here and want to work for short periods whilst enjoying our beautiful country.

Seasonal Jobs

Are you an overseas visitor and looking for a way to fuel your travel funds? Or maybe you’re a kiwi yearning for a change of scene? Either way our site is for you!

In New Zealand there is a growing demand for seasonal workers. People that are willing to work at short notice and for varying durations, but usually in a great environment or location that offers freedom and a chance to really see this great country.

Start working in New Zealand now! Visit us here www.seasonaljobs.co.nz and browse our Jobs right across New Zealand...

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Willing Workers on Organic Farms

  • Wwoof began in the UK in 1971, and in NZ in 1974. 

  • Wwoof allows volunteers to stay on organic farms and join in with the various projects hosts are busy with. 

  • There is a variety of properties spread throughout NZ, including farms, market gardens, communities and ventures in self- sufficiency in which organic growing plays some part. 

  • Currently there are about 800 Wwoof Farms in New Zealand






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