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Job.co.nz gives you access to 1000's of New Zealand jobs in all sectors and all areas, so if you are searching for a new job or need advice about your career, we can help you.      

This job site lists top New Zealand recruitment consultants, companies, and career resources and is one of New Zealand's longest established "job" domain names (since 1997).

Work in New Zealand

You will find every type of work here. Temporary work, contract work, seasonal work and permanent job positions. Find your work interest on the menu to the left, click through, and a specialised recruiter will gladly assist you in your job search.

Your job is personal to you and we give each enquiry our personal attention.  We do not leave something as important as your career to robots! Our recruitment team has many years' experience in New Zealand and overseas and we are happy to share that experience with candidates and clients.

Living in New Zealand

New Zealand is a great country! Whether you already live here, or if you are looking to move here, you will find our site to be a good resource.  New Zealand is the place to be if you love an active lifestyle, or you can just sit back and enjoy the view!  With a strong economy, and an active job market it is worth the investment of your time.    Look at our Information page for more.

For work permits and residency information check www.immigration.govt.nz. We cannot give advice on Immigration issues but you should use a licenced immigration adviser

Job Co Site updates

www.job.co.nz is a dynamic site - we are constantly updating our information and links, so you should revisit often! We are also glad to receive your recommendations by e-mail and give your suggestions our immediate attention.

Privacy Policy

Please note that enquiries to www.job.co.nz may be referred directly to the recruitment consultancies supporting this site.  They are all specialised in their recruiting fields, so are well qualified to give you the advice you need.      

We hope you find this site useful and wish you every success with your New Zealand job search and career planning.



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